Safety rules

Safety is our highest priority, all guests are therefore
required to have read and understood all the following safety rules.

1.  It is forbidden to use Munkstigen without having undergone safety training, as well as read and understood all
safety rules. Each user must always participate in the complete practical and theoretical training before they
can climb Munkstigen via ferrata climbing path. Attentive and careful compliance with all rules and instructions
are solely each users responsibility.

2.  All safety equipment must be used in accordance with all instructions given. The harness is required to sit
tightly. Ask if uncertain. Wear a helmet on the trip down as well for increased safety.
After the climbing trip, all safety equipment must be returned and signed for.

3.  The age limit is 7 years. People under 18 years must have the approval of a guardian before they climb.

4.  Registration is mandatory. Upon registration you are required to sign a self-declaration, stating that all safety
rules and instructions given, are understood. In case of minor participants, the guardian is required to explain
these to the minor.

5.  When climbing Munkstigen via ferrata it involves certain dangers. It is important to move calmly and controlled
throughout the path and to consider every step one takes for increased safety.

6.  Each participant is responsible for their own activity and safety in Munkstigen. For minor participants the
guardian is responsible for their own and the minor’s activity and safety. The minor must be followed closely
throughout the entire path.

7.  Where there is a wire present the wire must always be used, where the carabins must be fastened and locked
securely. The carabins must be fastened the opposite direction to each other to avoid mistakingly
disconnecting both carbines at the same time.

8.  Keep a safe distance from the climber in front of you, this is especially important in places with higher risk.
Leave space for at at least one eyebolt between each climber.
If you climb together with a minor you can disregard this rule.

9.  If you are going to pass other climbers, it is important to do this on flatter sections with the most careful
attention and without disconnecting from the wire. It is then important to communicate well with those whom
shall be passed first to avoid that someone is going to feel insecure or pressured.

10. Pay attention to loose items such as drinking bottles, phones, cameras, backpacks, loose rocks etc
which can pose a danger to yourself or other climbers who might come after you.

11.  People with mental or physical health issues that might be a threat to their own and others safety do not have
access to climb Munkstigen via ferrata.

12.  People who are under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated by legal or illegal drugs are not allowed to climb.

13.  People who are pregnant, epileptic, suffering from back and neck injuries or heart conditions are not
recommended to climb before consulting their doctor.

14.  Munkstigen is not responsible for valuables that are lost during the climb, on the trip down or possibly
stolen from cars, bikes etc.

15.  Munkstigen can without prior notice close the climbing path for safety reasons, such as storm, rain or maintenance.

16.  The use of gloves is mandatory. The gloves also provide good protection against the wire. The gloves you can buy here are of the type with a rubber coating so you get the most friction possible when you hold on.

Munkstigen can take pictures and videos, or use pictures and videos that are posted on social media etc. for advertising. If someone does not want this, please inform us about this.​

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