Recommendations for the climb

In order for the climb to be the greatest experience possible,
we have made a list of recommendations.

—  Examine the weather conditions and dress accordingly. Windproof and warm clothing is recommended as it can be windy and cold on top.

—  Use good footwear. If you have hiking shoes or boots we recommend this. If you do not have any, a good pair of sneakers can be used. however shoes with really soft soles such as some types of running shoes can be slippery to climb with. Remember to tie the shoelaces well before climbing.

—  The trip takes an average of 3-5 hours, so it’s necessary to bring enough to drink. It is also recommended to bring something to eat, so the brain can function proper blood sugar levels. A little backpack is really useful.

  On sunny days there is little shade in Munkstigen, so remember sunscreen.

—  Climbing in rainy weather is a much greater challenge than usual, and is not recommended if you are not familiar to climbing in such conditions. If you decide to take the trip regardless of the weather conditions, we will instruct some techniques that will make it easier to get to the top.

—  If you have long hair it might be smart to tie it back and under the helmet. It is recommended to climb without rings on your fingers.

—  There is also an alternative trail if you should change your mind along the way, or if there should be a change of weather. This trail comes after climbing 10% of the total length of the climbing trail.

—  When climbing, it is recommended as much as possible to climb below of the wire so that you can easily and securely hang in the harness, where ever you are.

—  Let nature be as you found it. So please bring your own rubbish home. This also applies to snuff tobacco portion-packs and cigarettes.

—  Take your time and enjoy the view. Follow the marked path where there is no wire.

The path down is steep and can be slippery in certain places. We recommend you to keep the helmet on, also on the way down for increased safety.  Avoid holding on to organic materials such as shrubs, roots,  trees, etc. as this can give you a false sense of security.

—  This trip is perfect for team-building. Help and support each other as needed. Even for those with a little fear of heights, Munkstigen is possible to conquer. Many have cured their fear of heights by climbing Munkstigen via ferrata.

—  Climbing Munkstigen may increase the body’s adrenaline level. People react very differently to adrenaline, some may feel excited, while others may feel a little nervous. Talk to some other climbers if you feel uncomfortable, maybe they feel the same as you.

—  It’s a fantastic view from Munkstigen so be sure to bring your camera. But be careful so you dont lose it! When not using the camera, it is important to put it safely in the backpack or in a zip-up pocket.

—  There is a small lake at the top where it is possible to swim after the climb. It is also a little shelter (gapahuk) there, where you can hide from the weather if necessary. 

—  It might also be tempting to jump into the sea after the end of the trip by the pier at Hindrum Fjordsenter. We have both Munkstigen beach towels and t-shirts for sale at the reception.

Munkstigen can take pictures and videos, or use pictures and videos that are posted on social media etc. for advertising. If someone does not want this, please inform us about this.

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