Climbing from 15 years of age (1 – 9 persons) 350 kr per person
Climbing up to 15 years of age 300 kr per person
Climbing students w/student Id 300 kr per person
Climbing groups of 10 persons 300 kr per person
Guide 1000 kr for the first 4 hours, 250 kr for each additional hour (a climbing trip usually lasts 3-5 hours)
Munkstigen gift card 350 kr, or or per requested value
Gloves (S – XL) 60 kr
T shirt 150 kr
Bath towel 150 kr
Bottle 150 kr

Payment and registration is done at Hindrum Fjordsenter when renting the climbing gear. Payment can be done with both card and cash. Larger groups of people can be billed.