Unfortunately, we have not opened for the 2023 season yet.

As there is still a lot of snow in the mountains, it is difficult to say exactly when we can open.

We apologise for this and thank you for your patience.


Take on the challenge and work towards becoming the best version of yourself.
By climbing Munkstigen you become stronger both physically and mentally.

    All climbing trips must be booked in advance. Get in touch no later than 4 pm for climbing the next day.  It is best to book 2-3 days in advance to be sure of getting a place. Note that weekends can be filled up as early as 5-7 days before.

    Guide can be ordered in advance, and must be ordered at least 24-48 hours in advance. There is no need for a guide, but in some cases it can be good to have someone with a little extra climbing experience and who knows the trail really good.

    Write to us, how many climbers you are and your phone number. We will get in touch as soon as we can, and you will then be assigned a specific booked time. You can also arrange climbing trips outside the regular opening hours.

    Munkstigen gift card is the perfect gift for those who like a challenge. We have both digital and physical gift cards that are sent by post. (for cards that are posted, it will be NOK 18 extra for a stamp)

Munkstigen is now closed for the winter

We thank you for a great season and welcome you from May 2024

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