Safety requirements

Safety is our highest priority, meaning that all participants are required to read and understand the following terms and conditions.

    1. It is prohibited to use Munkstigen without having undergone safety training, as well as read and understand all safety rules and conditions. All training and information are given at Hindrum Fjordsenter.
    2. Registration is mandatory. Upon registration, you sign a safety addendum which states that you have read all the terms and have understood all the instructions given by the instructor. In case there is a minor participant, the parent or guardian is required to explain these to the participant.
    3. When using Munkstigen, there are certain risks involved, attentive and careful compliance with the terms and safety instructions is solely the responsibility of each user. It’s important to move calmly and controlled throughout the entire path and evaluate every step you take for increased safety.
    4. Each participant is responsible for their own activity and safety in Munkstigen. For minors, the parent or guardian is responsible for their own and the minor participant’s activity and safety and is required to follow them closely throughout the entire path.
    5. All participants must be over the age of 7 or minimum height of at least 135cm.
    6. Persons under the age of 18 must have the approval of parent or guardian before climbing Munkstigen.
    7. All climbers should always participate in the full practical and theoretical safety training before climbing Munkstigen. All instructions are binding, and violations of these can cause the participant to be banned from climbing Munkstigen.
    8. Climbing your own safety equipment or without safety equipment is strictly prohibited.
    9. All borrowed equipment must be used according to instructions given by the instructor and returned after completion of the trip. Changes or damage done to equipment must be reported to the instructor immediately.
    10. Persons with mental or physical disorders that might be a threat to their own and others health and safety are not allowed climb the Munkstigen.
    11. People who are affected by alcohol or drugs are not allowed climb Munkstigen.
    12. People who are pregnant, epileptic, who suffer or back / neck injury or who have undergone surgery are not recommended to climb before consulting a doctor prior to the climb.
    13. The instructor will help you adjust your helmet and climbing harness, and these should always be fitted properly throughout the entire path.
    14. Both carbines must be attached to the wire at any time and be attached in the opposite direction to each other.
    15. When climbing, it is important to climb under the wire so you can easily hang from it safely.
    16. Please keep your distance to the climber in front of you, especially in places where the risk involved is greater.
    17. If you find it necessary to pass other climbers, it is very important to do this on flatter parts of the path with the highest caution, without disconnecting from the wire. It is also really important to communicate with the climber you are going to pass first, to prevent the person from feeling insecure or stressed.
    18. The instructor can at any time close the Munkstigen via ferrata path for safety reasons such as storm, rain or maintenance.
    19. Be aware of loose items that may pose a danger to yourself or others. Items such as jewelry, cell phones, cameras, backpacks, loose rocks etc
    20. Munkstigen has no responsibility for valuables lost throughout the path, both on the climb up and the path down or items missing from cars, bikes etc.
    21. Munkstigen may take pictures or shoot movies, and use photos or movies posted on social media etc. for advertising. If participants do not wish this, they must inform the instructor about this.

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