Product. Price.
Climbing  1 – 9 persons 300 kr each person
Climbing over 10 persons 250 kr each person
*Student discount. 250 kr each person
Hiring a Guide 1000 kr for the first 4 hours, then 250 kr additional for every hour. (a climbing trip is averaged to 3-5 hours)
Munkstigen Giftcard 300 kr, or other specified value
Gloves (S – XL) 50 kr
T-shirt cotton (we have multiple colors) 150 kr
Bath towel cotton 150 kr
Drinking bottle 120 kr
Munkstigen refrigerator magnet 25 kr
Munkstigen pins 25 kr
Transport with the Arctic Bus, Trondheim – Munkstigen roundtrip. 7.800 kr
Transportation with the Arctic Bus, Vanvikan – Munkstigen roundtrip. 2.200 kr
Transportation with minibus, Vanvikan – Munkstigen roundtrip. 150 kr each person
*Student discount is only possible with a valid student id card. Make sure to notify the instructor that you are a student.

Payment and registration take place at Hindrum Fjordsenter when you get safety training and equipment rental. You can pay by cash or all major credit cards or debit cards. For bigger groups, it’s possible to request paying by invoice.

Munkstigen via ferrata souvenirs

At Hindrum Fjordsenter you can purchase souvenirs that will remind you of your fantastic trip up the mountain path.


Transport with the Arctic Buss

We have a close relationship the Arctic Buss and can offer following transport options.

Trondheim – Munkstigen roundtrip: 7.800,- kr incl vat., ferry, and toll.
Vanvikan – Munkstigen roundtrip: 2.200,- kr incl vat.
Its room for 47+1 persons, and it needs to be booked in minimum 2 weeks.

Transport med minibus

Another option for transportation is a minibus with room for 16 persons. We will pick you up in Vanvikan by the marina, and transport you all the way round trip. Make sure to contact the minibus driver when you reach the top of Munkstigen to schedule a pickup for the trip home. The price is 150,- kr each person roundtrip Vanvikan – Munkstigen. Note that the minibus will bring you all the way to the Hindrum Fjordsenter where you rent equipment and get your safety training.

Read more about our transportation options here


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