Unfortunately, we have not opened for the 2023 season yet.

As there is still a lot of snow in the mountains, it is difficult to say exactly when we can open.

We apologise for this and thank you for your patience.

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Trondheim and
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Munkstigen is now closed for the winter

We thank you for a great season and welcome you from May 2024

    If you want to challenge yourself a little, with good friends or family, this adventure is for you. This is climbing for everyone and there is no requirement for prior climbing experience. All climbing trips must be booked in advance.

    Climbing Munkstigen via ferrata climbing path is an exciting adventure that will make your stomach tickle a bit and gives you a fantastic nature experience with both sea and mountains. From here you have a panoramic view of Trondheim, large parts of Trondheim’s fjord and the surrounding areas. The climbing path is located just off county road 755, between Vanvikan and Leksvik.

    Munkstigen opened in August 1998 is Norway’s oldest via ferrata, and was Northern Europe’s longest with its 950 meters for many years. The trip takes an average of about 3-5 hours, and it is up to you whether you take it as a training trip or take your time and enjoy the view. Great trip for teams, associations, work colleagues, school classes, student groups, bachelor parties, sports groups, etc.

    Note that instruction and rental of safety equipment takes place at Hindrum Fjordsenter, and not at the climbing path. There you get safety training, registration and rental of equipment. You pass the climbing path parking lot with approx. 9 km in the direction of Leksvik, if you travel from Vanvikan.

    Guide can be ordered in advance, and must be ordered at least 24-48 hours in advance. There is no need for a guide, but in some cases it can be good to have someone with a little extra climbing experience and who knows the trail well. Group discount for groups of 10 or more.

    Persons under 18 must have the approval of a parent / supervisor. Children under 12 must be actively followed by an adult at all times. All users must be over 7 years of age or of a height of at least 135cm. There is no upper age limit.

Info ruter Munkstigen via ferrata Norway

Safety rules

    It is forbidden to use Munkstigen without having read and understood all safety rules.

Recommendations for the trip

    These are tips and advice to make the trip the best it can be.

About the climbing path

    Overview and other useful info about Munkstigen via ferrata.

Other Activities

Hindrum Fjordsenter

Accommodation with hotel standard, and get a breathtaking view that will make you drift away into a dream-state searching for the horizon. Hear the waves crash on the beach and fill your life with adrenaline from an unforgettable sea fishing adventure.

Climb first then hike to Mevassetra

Climbing combined with a mountain hike to Mevassetra - Reward yourself with a delicious local dish after conquering the Munkstigen.


We have many beautiful marked hiking trails in this area, which will all give you wonderful nature experiences. There is also opportunities to borrow or rent a bicycles.

Organic cheese factory

The cheese you get here is award-winning, rare and handmade. Everything from cheddar, to beer-marinated jack cheese.

The Pearls of Fosen

Visit farms and local food producers, enjoy unique trade, interesting cultural monuments, galleries and museums.

Hindrem Stave Church

The church is of beautiful craftsmanship and was built in 2012 as a copy of Haltdalen Stave Church from the 12th century.

Who are we ?


    Hindrum Skilag is a small local sports team that in 1997 started the construction of Munkstigen via ferrata climbing path and has since 1998 been proud owners of Norway’s first via ferrata.

    Hindrum Skilag was officially founded in 1906, by Arnt Hindrum, Johan Arnt E. Hindrum, Kristoffer Oldervik and Helmer Svebak as the most active. Arnt Ellingstu was then also the team’s first chairman, and J. A. E. Hindrum its first treasurer. But the ski team probably has a few years longer history. Already in the last years of the 19th century, a ski layer existed on Hindrem.


Where are we ?

Just north of Trondheim
Only 1 hour from the city

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