For your safety

We take COVID-19 seriously and are following all current requirements. And make sure everybody is safe.

Safety is our top priority, and therefore all our guests are required to read and understand the following safety rules. When climbing Munkstigen its easy to keep a safe distance and makes its so everybody feels safe and able to fully enjoy this spectacular trip.

If you have symptoms of respiratory infections, you cannot use the climbing park. If you are in the risk group or associate with people in the risk group, we do not recommend you take the trip.

  • 2m distance outdoors, 1m indoors.
  • Extra washing routines of toilets, accommodation and common areas
  • Disinfection / washing of climbing harnesses and helmets after use
  • Mandatory with gloves when climbing. Bring your own or buy here.
  • It is forbidden to use Munkstigen Via Ferrata without having undergone safety training, as well as read and understand all safety rules. Training and information is provided by rental.
  • Borrowed equipment must be used according to instructions given by the instructor and delivered back after climbing.
  • Registration is mandatory and is done at Hindrum Fjordsenter. Upon registration, you sign a self-declaration sheet confirming that you have read and understood the safety rules and the training.
  • Climbing in Munkstigen involves some danger and a potential risk of injury, but as long as the guest follows the safety training that is given and uses the equipment correctly, everything is facilitated for a fantastic trip.
  • Each person is responsible for their own activity and safety in Munkstigen. For persons under the age of 18, the guardian is responsible for the activity and safety of the minor.
  • The minimum age limit for climbing Munkstigen is 7 years old.
  • Persons under the age of 18 must be approved by the guardian before climbing Munkstigen.
  • Climbing with your own safety equipment or without safety equipment is not permitted. Climbing harness and necessary equipment is rented from Munkstigen.
  • People with mental or physical disorders who will be a threat to their own and / or others’ health are not allowed to climb Munkstigen.
  • People who are affected by alcohol or drugs are not allowed to climb Munkstigen.
  • It’s not recommended that pregnant women, people with epilepsy, or people with back/neck injuries climb without consulting their doctor on beforehand.
  • There should always be at least one carabiner attached in the wire when climbing.
  • Please keep away from the climber in front of you, especially in challenging locations and places of great height.
  • If you are going to pass another climber, it is very important to do this on a flat area and be very careful, without disconnecting yourself from the wire. It is also important to communicate with the person you are going to pass in order to avoid that the person does not feel unsafe or pressured.
  • Munkstigen can without prios notice close the climbing path for safety reasons, such as storm, rain or maintenance.
  • Be aware of loose objects that may fall and damage yourself and / or others. These can be jewelry, cell phones, cameras, backpacks, loose stones and the like.
  • Munkstigen has no responsibility for valuables lost during the climb.
  • Representatives from Munkstigen can take pictures or films and use this on the website or at social media for Munkstigen. If the guest does not want this, he or she must inform us in advance.