More than 100 climbed the tower in Steinkjer


Saturday 23th of June we had a great day at Steinkjerfestivalen! Geir and Børge brought the climbing tower to Steinkjer, and more than 100 children (!) tried it out. Just great! Helt topp! With them home, the children got a climbing certificate that says they have climbed in the tower, and if they bring it to Munkstigen Via Ferrata they get to climb for half the price. See you at Munken then?  Have a niiiiiiiice summer! 

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We are open!

Finally, the day is here! We check the 13th of May in the calendar and Munkstigen Klatresti has opened for this season! Today we welcome more than 20 climbers on the opening day, and the first pair are two from the Czech Republic. As the first climbers in the season, they got a free drink bottle and a Munkstigen t-shirt. The weather is amazing, so have a nice trip!

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We are opening the 13th of May!

Due to a lot of snow on the top of Munken and in the path on the way down, we unfortunately have to postpone the opening of Munkstigen this year from 1th of May to Sunday 13th May. We hope that the snow is gone and it has become dry and fine in the climbing trail at that time. We are really looking forward to meet both new and old climbers this season in our via ferrata! See you at the top?

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New gift cards

We have now made some beautiful new gift cards that can be bought at Hindrum Fjordsenter. Perhaps this is a great gift for a confirmation girl or boy who loves outdoor activities and trips in the nature? Call us for buying one at +47 73 56 99 00 or send an email to

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We are closed for the winter…

Munkstigen is now closed after a great seson in 2017 with 2703 visitors. We are opening again 1th of May 2018. You are welcome to a new season with challenging climbing adventures with an amazing view. Auf Wiedersehen!

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We are open through September

The mountain Munken will soon put on its autumn suit with the colors of yellow, orange, red and brown. it’s really nice now to take your Sunday trip out into nature and experience the fresh autumn air filling your lungs. Munkstigen is open throughout September, with last being Sunday, October 1st. After that, maintenance will be done and some of the wire will be taken down before the winter comes.

We are approaching the last chance to book a climb for this season! Send us an e-mail to or call / SMS mob. 41 33 95 18.

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Munkstigen beach towel and drinking bottle

We are now getting some new products for sale at the Munkstigen Klatresti kiosk! To quench the thirst for climbing the via ferrata trail, you can now buy a bottle from us! And if you are bathing and want a dip at Hindrum Fjordsenter afterward, we have beach towels for sale 🙂

We wish you a good trip!

Drinking bottle KR. 120, – and beach towel KR. 150 –

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89 proud kids in Steinkjer

A total of 89 children got the chance to test them selves at the Munkstigen stand at the Steinkjer festival Saturday, June 24th. There were big smiles on both proud children and parents. They were invited to first climb to the top of the climbing tower, and rappelling down after. We would like top gives a hand out to to the Steinkjer festival for a nice place and a good event. Maybe we’ll see you next year? Hope to see you in Munkstigen this summer!

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