Recommendations for the trip

  1. Research the weather conditions and dress thereafter. Its recommended bringing windproof and warm clothing, as it might be windy and cold on top of the mountain.
  2. On sunny days there is little shade in Munkstigen so bring sunscreen.
  3. Roundtrip up and down takes on average 3-5 hours. Bringing something to drink is a necessity. It is also recommended and bring something to eat.
  4. It’s totally fine to bring a little backpack for your climb.
  5. Use good footwear. If you have climbing or hiking shoes we recommend this. Note: that if you use climbing shoes, it is necessary to bring an extra pair of shoes for the trail down. If you do not have climbing or hiking shoes, regular sneakers can be used. Shoes with soft soles such as some types of running shoes can be very slippery to climb with. Remember to tighten your shoelaces before climbing.
  6. Climbing when it’s raining or it’s really wet is a much greater challenge and is not recommended without being experienced to hike in wet mountains and, or has climbed in similar conditions previously. If you decide to proceed with the climb regardless, we will show you some great techniques that will help you conquer the mountain.
  7. Long hair is recommended to be tied back under the helmet.
  8. There is also a “regret path” down if you change your mind after you have started the climb, or if the weather conditions change completely.
  9. It is recommended to climb without any jewelry on your fingers.
  10. We recommend wearing gloves since it is necessary to hold onto the metal wire to be able to climb at some places. Type gloves with rubber coating are the best. Gloves can be purchased at Hindrum Fjordsenter for 5o,- KR.
  11. Take your time and enjoy the view.
  12. Let nature be as you found it, so please bring any empty containers, wrapping i.e. with you.
  13. Follow marked path where there is no wire.
  14. The trail down is very steep and can be very slippery at times. We recommend keeping the helmet on, even on the way down to increase your safety.
  15. Avoid holding on to organic materials such as shrubs, grass, roots, etc., as they can give you a false impression of safety and break.
  16. Help and support each other as needed. This trip is perfect for a team-building exercise.
  17. Even for those with high fear, it is possible to master the Munkstigen. Peoples bodies react differently to adrenaline, while someone might feel excited, others might feel nervous. The climbing harness is safe and you can hang in them all day. If you feel a little nervous, there are several things you can do to get through it. There are many participants who have cured their fear of height by climbing Munkstigen.
  18. The view from Munkstigen is fantastic, so make sure to bring your camera. However be really cautious so you don’t drop it. Store it safely in a pocket with a zipper or in your backpack when you are not using it.
  19. There is a guestbook at the top, so feel free to write a little bit there. Your name, impressions of the trip, poems, i.e.
  20. There is a tiny lake at the top where you can cool down after climbing. It is also nice to dive into the sea after your trip at the pier located at Hindrum Fjordsenter. Note that we sell both Munkstigen drinking bottles and beach towels. Follow this link

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