About the climbing path

  • Climbing-path
  • Fastest route down / very steep   ( 30 min+)
  • Route with better scenery            ( 60 min +)
  • Supply line for nato military station
  • Alternativ path ( white )
  • Power grid

From the parking lot by county road 755, you must follow a marked path for approximately 200 before you reach the start of the Via ferrata trail. The climbing path consists of a metal wire that is attached to the mountain with use of eyebolts. The Eyebolts are drilled deep into the mountain and fastened securely. You must connect both your carabines from climbing harness to the metal wire and follow the path to the top. The path is approximately 950-meter long. Read more about climbing equipment here.

The first part of the climbing trail is not so steep, but it got some challenges here and there. If you are able to manage the challenges of the first part of the climbing path, the rest of the path shouldn’t be too much of a struggle for you. After the first part, you arrive at a plateau where you can catch your breath. From this plateau, it’s also possible to take the “regret path” down. And follow it to the parking lot if you’ve changed your mind about the climb. Right before you reach the plateau however, you will reach one of the most spectacular parties to climb. Here you will find one of our steepest walls. It’s really important that you use climbing techniques. By using good climbing techniques you will conquer the mountain with the most ease. Climbing techniques will be thought by the guide, or by Hindrum Fjordsenter when you register and you get your safety equipment.  It’s also possible to hike to the top by following a regular mountain path.  Look at the illustration above.

After the plateau, you will follow a marked path through the forest. Here its just a regular path with no metal wire. You will reach the start of the “Cathedral”After the “Cathedral”, you will pass through a narrow passage, “Nonnekløfta”. Then the path goes through a treeline with the name “Klosterhagen”. After the treeline, you will reach “Nedre Granitthavet” which is fairly flat, it’s important however to keep following the path still being attached to the wire. It’s when you come up here you will realize how high over sea level you are.

Then there are some exciting challenges in the “Zebra wall” where you cross the mountain sideways. When you get up from the “Zebra wall” you can see the last part of the trail that consists of a flatter part of what we call “Øvre Granitthavet”. After that, we climb a small wall called “Toppveggen“.

Then you have reached the top and can enjoy amazing views of Trondheim and Trondheimsfjorden!

Have a nice trip!

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